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“For Youth Membership applications and rates, see the registration packet in the Gymnastics Program page."  

Youth membership applicants must be age 17 or younger, have at least one parent or guardian registered as an associate or voting member, and participate in American Sokol sponsored ongoing, regular activities"      

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Sokol was built by the efforts of many volunteers, with “neither profit nor glory” as a mantra. We rely  volunteer time and efforts to accomplish our mission.      

Why Volunteer?   There are many benefits associated with volunteering...making a difference, meeting new people, spending quality time with family members and friends, and learning new skills.     Youth and Family Volunteering   We value your interest in our unit and would welcome your involvement in our organization. We have many opportunities for our youth & adult members to be involved.   Involving the entire family in volunteer activities addresses the benefits of youth volunteering while utilizing the volunteer resource of adults with children under eighteen. Sokol encourages parents and their children to volunteer together!    

As a Sokol Youth or Adult Member, participants have the opportunity to volunteer at many events throughout the year: competitions, fund-raisers, exhibitions, social, educational and cultural events. Various opportunities include but are not limited to set up/take down for special events, administrative work (print tickets, create letters, mail, postage), kitchen crews, chaperones, build props, create costumes, clean gyms, assist in a classes, or organize a social, educational or cultural event. We also encourage our members to provide feedback and offer ideas on programs and activities you would like to see offered.  

As a non-profit 501C3 organization, donations from the community and members are vital to keeping the costs for programs low for the participants. We truly are working toward making a deep impact and to make a difference in the lives of the people in our community.  We appreciate any donations made.     

Sokol Ennis offers scholarships to its youth members.  Scholarship is open to all high school seniors who are current members of Sokol Ennis or has a parent/legal guardian that is a current member of Sokol Ennis.