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Our Mission


"The mission of the American Sokol is to provide fitness and community for individuals and family through physical, educational, cultural and social programs."

501c3 non profit organizations physical/education programs

Get Involved

We value your interest in our unit and would welcome your involvement in our organization. We have many opportunities for our youth & adult members to be involved.   Involving the entire family in volunteer activities addresses the benefits of youth volunteering while utilizing the volunteer resource of adults with children under eighteen. Sokol encourages parents and their children to volunteer together!    

As a Sokol Youth or Adult Member, participants have the opportunity to volunteer at many events throughout the year: competitions, fund-raisers, exhibitions, social, educational and cultural events. Various opportunities include but are not limited to set up/take down for special events, administrative work (print tickets, create letters, mail, postage), kitchen crews, chaperones, build props, create costumes, clean gyms, assist in a classes, or organize a social, educational or cultural event. We also encourage our members to provide feedback and offer ideas on programs and activities you would like to see offered.

Thank You


Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Sokol KHB Ennis Board

FF President – Thomas Betik 

Secretary – Laura Trojacek 

Vice-President – Benny Trojacek

2nd Vice-President – Randy Owen 

Financial Secretary/Treasurer – Ray Elleven 

Educational Director – Sandy Rayford 

Membership Director – David Slovak 

Public Relations Director – Michelle Slovak 

Men’s Physical Director – N/A 

Women’s Physical Director – Elizabeth Krajca  


Editor – Chuck Kalat 

Assistant Editor – Jan Kalat  

Auditing Committee  

Chairman – Deanna Betik 

AC Member – Mike Liska 

AC Member – Elaine Kasowski  

Reconciliation Committee  

Chairman – John Marek Jr 

RC Member – Brian Zhanel 

RC Member – Chris Gilburt  

Southern District Delegates 

SD Lead – David Slovak 

SD Delegate – Thomas Betik 

SD Delegate – Ray Elleven  

Ways & Means Committee

Chairman – Michelle Slovak 

WM Member – Kristine Betik 

WM Member – Lori Macalik 

WM Member – Benny Trojacek 

WM Member – Sandy Rayford 

WM Member – Laura Trojacek 

WM Member – David Slovak  

Educational Committee 

Museum & Library Curator – Georgie Morales 

Assistant – Lori Macalik  

Board of Trustees (Property Committee) 

Thomas Betik 

Benny Trojacek 

Laura Trojacek 

Ray Elleven 

Mayfair Mullican 

Randy Owen 

Ben Trickett 

Sandy Rayford 

Rusty Liska 

Charles Walker  

David Slovak 

Mike Liska 

Brandon Smith  

Swimming Pool Committee

Chairman – N/A 

National Polka Festival Delegates

Lead – Lori Macalik 

NPF Delegate – Diane Liska 

NPF Delegate – David Liska 

NPF Delegate – Rusty Liska  

American Czech Culture Society 

Delegates Lead – Keith Kapavik 

AC Delegate – John Marek Jr 

AC Delegate– Jean Beebe 


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