American Sokol Southern District



The Southern District provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual Ameican Sokol Units of Texas and Oklahoma to assist them in achieving the following goals:

  1. Fulfill the needs of Americans through the activities and traditions set forth by Miroslav Týrs, Doctor of Philosophy and founder of the Sokol movement, and the forefathers who brought the Sokol Idea to the United States.    
  2. Provide training in good citizenship in the spirit of the Constitution of the United States of America.    
  3. Provide training and means for individuals to enhance their physical and moral well being.    
  4. Educate succeeding generations in the Czech and Slovak language and cultural life.    
  5. Perpetuate Sokol history and contribute to the advancement of the Sokol movement worldwide.    


Sokol KHB Ennis is the headquarters & seat of the Southern District.

Southern District Executive Board

President - Robert Podhrasky   

Vice President - Jerry Milan  

Second Vice President - Ronnie Merecka 

Third Vice President - Lakn Dieterich

Secretary - Rhonda Liska

Financial Secretary - Mary Steinman

Treasurer - Mary Steinman

Educational Director - Nina Marcussen      

Public Relations - Liz Krajca 

Men's Physical Director -

Women's Physical Director -

Membership Director -  

Bylaws Chairman -

Other Offices:    

Historian - Jerry Sijansky   

American Czech Culture Society Rep - Bob Podhrasky  

Texans of Czech Ancestry Rep -    

Units of the Southern District 

Sokol KHB Ennis  

Sokol Zizka Dallas  

Sokol Ft. Worth  

Sokol West  

TJ Sokol Houston  

Sokol Corpus Christi  

Sokol Karel Havlicek Yukon, OK


Sokol Activity Center at 2622 East Hwy 34  Ennis, Texas

Call (214) 368-5608