Activity Center

The activity center is 30,000 square foot and two miles east of downtown Ennis on Highway 34 (East Ennis Ave). The activity center consists of a clubroom & patio, kitchen and dining area, museum & library, main hall & gym, and RV park. 


Clubroom & Patio
The clubroom is open every Monday and Wednesday 5:00PM – 11:00PM where members can socialize and share fellowship.

Dining & Kitchen                                                                                                                         
The kitchen has a large cooking/serving area. The dining area is an open area with room for serving and seating/tables. 

Main Hall & Gym
The main hall & gym is a multi-purpose area that includes a spacious stage, 6,000+ sq. ft. wooden dance floor, 6 restrooms, beverage service area, and seating/table areas.  The main hall & gym can also be partitioned into two sections.     

Czech Museum & Library

Here you can see artifacts that range from ancient local photos of early Czech-American history, to authentic Czech costumes, and even the uniforms of local Czech-Americans who fought valiantly for their new homeland. There are also well-preserved photos of trips taken back to the Czech Republic by Sokol members. You will also see the photos from the first president of Sokol Ennis to the recent. Many of the Czech books on display can no longer be found in the Czech Republic. The museum & library is open during special events and by appointment only. Donations and memorials are welcome.

RV Parking

The grounds include a 10-space RV park for campers & motor homes that is available for special events. Electrical hook-ups only.